Starving won’t make you skinny

It is well known that in order to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficit: burn more calories than the number you eat. If that is indeed the case than what could be easier than to simply decrease the calories you consume to almost nothing? This seems like an easy and logical way to create a enormous calorie deficit that should result in losing weight, right?


Starving yourself to shed weight is the absolute wrong thing you should do so as to achieve a long term weight loss. In fact, you might be jeopardizing your health and making it very difficult for yourself to shed weight and keep it off for a long time to come.

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Why starving yourself to lose weight does not work?

1. Psychological – Have ever tried going without food for more than 1-2 days, or even going on hardly any of it? It’s not fun. In actuality, it can quickly become quite depressing. This is just what you do not want to happen when you are trying to lose weight. You want to remain motivated so you will have the ability to stick with your diet plan for the future.

2. Titusville Rat Removal – Just like a car can not run without fuel, your body can not run without food. You may be risking your health if you are trying to starve yourself. You may experience tiredness, lack of energy, loss of muscle, hair loss. And if you continue to deprive yourself of food for a long time you may cause serious internal damage on yourself. Trust me, this is risky.

3. Concerning weight reduction, starving yourself can be counterproductive. It slows down your metabolism to decrease the speed in which you burn calories. This is done to preserve whatever calorie stores your body has. It’s trying to make sure you’ll have the ability to survive without food for as long as you can. It is a survival mechanism.

In addition, when you start eating normally again, your metabolism is so slow that you start gaining the weight back!

It’s not a wise way to attempt and drop weight.

Information about Turkey Vultures

When I was a young girl, many, many years ago, my Mom and I often picked wild strawberries as a special summertime treat for that night’s dessert. On one occasion, as I bent down to loosen a bunch of sweet little red berries from their stalks, out of the corner of my eye something caught my attention. I looked beyond our neighbor’s house, and into the skies above’Sugar Hill’, where I had enjoyed watching so many awesomely beautiful sunsets. A large dark bird with an impressive wingspan was moving silently and slowly, circling in the skies over the hill.

Black and Gray Vulture Flying at Daytime

“What IS that, Mom?” My mom stopped picking berries and stood upright, shading her eyes from the bright sun. “Oh”, she said with a positive note,”that is a turkey vulture riding a thermal.”

The truth about turkey vultures:

Gentle, caring and devoted parents
Do not spread any diseases at all, contrary to popular beliefs
Essential part of Nature’s cleanup crew
Perform removal of carcasses before they can become diseased
Purify environment by removing animal cadavers that are already infected
Considered sacred in some cultures for their gift of sanitizing
Enjoy soaring on high using warm thermals to lift them ever upward
Resemble wild turkeys with their reddish featherless head, dark body and two-tone wings
When you think of vultures, what images come to mind? Lazy, dirty, aggressive, morbid harbingers of death? While those are understandable responses, I fear they’re based on pictures conjured up by Hollywood Westerns.

The black vultures most often seen from the west and south throughout Mexico are indeed competitive. They circle on high searching for their next meal, and squabble over their finds like selfish children.

Common all over america, it’s the turkey vulture which uses its highly developed ability to detect the stench of cadavers, even at great distances. These large eagle-sized birds game distinctive two-toned wings that are dark brown, with silvery grey feathers on their wing edges.

Turkey vulture heads are small and featherless for an excellent reason. Think about it–similar to workmen dress for the job, these birds do exactly the opposite. They undress (their heads) to the task at hand. If their noggins had feathers, they would get all gummed up when they dove into carcasses. It is not pretty, but it’s true. Vultures would be spending far too much of their time preening and cleaning rather than filling their bellies. The smaller head size enables them to get into all the nooks and crannies where the meat is. In the bird world, efficacy most often translates into survival.

When the young hatch from their excellently camouflaged eggs, they are powerless to defend or feed themselves. Their parents are ever watchful for potential predatory attacks, and they are adept at providing loads of food for their downy chicks for another 60 to 80 days.

In some cultures they are revered as cleansers and sprays. Buddhists believe they have the ability to release the soul and take it to Heaven. So it is a routine practice to offer their deceased to vultures for’cleansing’ and delivery into the firmament, also known as’sky burials’.

Their scientific name, Cathartes aura, really translates to either’purifying breeze’ or’gold purifier’. Both of the interpretations is more precise than the word’vulture’, which means to tear.

They’ll take turns, rather than fight over bits and pieces of flesh. Other birds, like the smaller black vultures and hawks, find it easy to push them away from their own finds.

Having excellent immune systems prevents them from contracting any nasty diseases from the dead creatures they ingest. When roosting on the floor or atop a dead tree stump, they spread their wings outward with their backs to the sun to help rid them of parasites contracted from their food sources.

If they feel afraid or threatened they regurgitate (frequently in the direction of the perceived threat). This offensive action repels, and takes their attacker by surprise, with the sight and awful odor. Plus, it serves to lighten the load for a quicker get away!

The unfounded fears that turkey vultures spread disease frequently prompts intentional shootings and unkind poisonings and calling Titusville Raccoon Removal for trappings. But these birds keep the surroundings clean and disease free, rather than the reverse.

As humans, I think we sometimes tend to equate beauty with goodness, and ugliness with evil. The misunderstood and much maligned Turkey Vulture serves a noble goal. We need to look past the superficial idea of attractiveness, and give the Turkey Vulture that the reverence it’s rightfully earned and deserves.

Gopher Turtles

Where exactly do you get a name at? The Lion is the King of the Jungle right? If I had one it probably would not be so flattering, alright now keep the wise cracks to you self! This brings me to an animal that has been given a name with some authority. The Gopher Tortoise, Nature’s Landlord or maybe the Landlord of the Sand hills, either way it is definitely better than the moniker I would probably end up with. Its’ claws are wide and flat with little protective scales extending up the tortoises shovel like front legs. Titusville Wildlife Removal

Turtle on Brown Ground

Their burrows can be up to 40 feet long and 10 feet deep, descending in a 30 degree angle. The width of the burrow is usually the length of tortoise, allowing for it to turn around in any part of the burrow. The male Gopher Tortoise can have a mean of 17 burrows while the feminine preserves an average of 9, but it is common to have more than 1 tortoise sharing the same burrow. Fellow tortoises are not the only species which share the burrows, actually not even close. The name Nature’s Landlord comes in the fact up to 360 different animal species seek refuge in the tortoises burrow.

The list contains the gopher frog, the Florida mouse, opossum, indigo snake, pine snake, armadillo, burrowing owl, gopher cricket, scarab beetles, the Florida Scrub-jay and many others. The Gopher Tortoise is chilly averaging 10 inches long and up to 9lbs, its’ life span ranges from 40- 60 years but in captivity can live over 100 years. This specific tortoise belongs to a group of land tortoises that originated in North America almost 60 million years back and from the almost 23 species known to have existed on this continent as little as 4 species remain today. After a year the female tortoise will lay an average of 6 eggs based on their body size and it takes about 100 days for the eggs to incubate.

The gopher tortoises have temperature dependent sex determination, if the temperature of the sand is over 30 degrees the hatchlings will be female and below 30 degrees they’ll be male. The man tortoise has a concaved plastron (bottom shell) with a protruding plastron beneath the tortoises chin while the female’s bottom shell is perfectly horizontal.

When the tortoises head and neck are completely retracted into the shell, the tortoise is generally protected from most predators. Even though the tortoise has some natural threats like disease and climate, humans are the primary cause for the decline of this species. In a list ranging from street mortalities to habitat destruction human interaction has played a significant role in bringing this gentle herbivore closer to extinction. Florida has the gopher tortoise present in all 67 counties that has it on the list as a species of special concern.

Other states like Georgia, Louisiana. And Alabama have them listed as a threatened species but South Carolina and Mississippi have the tortoise on the endangered species list. The Gopher tortoise is an important part of the ecosystem and a few of the species that share its burrows could not exist without them. Raising awareness and enforcing the protective laws is the only hope to maintain Nature’s Landlord from being evicted

Squirrels as pets

Where can I buy a squirrel?” This report will explain how you can receive all the cuddly squirrels you need for free.

Animal, Mammal, Hair, Cute, Fur

First, before you jump in to getting your own squirrel, it’s important to learn some basic facts.

Baby squirrels are unusually willing to be raised by humans. It’s remarkable. For the first six months of their life, if you give them good care and love, they will happily accept you as their mama. They are enthusiastic fun loving little creatures, and you may experience many hours of joy with young squirrels.

As the babies come to maturity, the situation changes. Adult squirrels are like adult humans. They wish to go off in to the world, live the life a million years of evolution have designed them to reside, enjoy their freedom, and participate in, um, baby making activities.

If an adult is refused the life they were designed to live, they become less cuddly, anxious, and maybe even a little ornery. All the energy they would normally utilize in a pure life outdoors today gets applied to chewing on your furniture, electric cords, and maybe your fingers. Adult squirrels can’t be house trained .

The purpose is, baby squirrels make excellent pets, but mature squirrels do not.

So, the wise way to have squirrels as pets would be to get a series of baby squirrels that you keep a few months each, rather than one squirrel you keep for years.

You release the babies in to the wild when they are ready, before they become a problem for you. They’re happy, you’re happy, everyone wins.

You’ll be surprised at how much your squirrels love their initial experiences with the natural world.

And here’s some fantastic news. You don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on purchasing a series of baby squirrels.

You can get them for free!

If you live in an area where squirrels are found in the wild (almost everywhere), it’s a sure thing that you will find infant squirrels nearby who need your help.

Somebody in your community has likely already discovered the joy of raising baby squirrels. There may even be a wildlife rehabilitation group.

All you’ve got to do is locate these rehabbers.

Contact your local humane society. Try the pound. Call some veterinarians. Tree trimming businesses or Titusville Opossum Removal in your area also likely know who is rehabbing squirrels in your area.

When you locate the rehabbers, do not offer to buy a squirrel. That won’t be what they will want to hear. Instead, volunteer to help, and ask for their advice.

To maximize your chance of being welcomed by the regional rehabbers, do some research first, and learn something about increasing squirrels.

If you take this approach, you’ll find the huge majority of wildlife rehabbers will welcome you with open arms, and help you have the experience you need to have.

You don’t have to dive in to raising baby squirrels until you’re ready. For instance, you may volunteer to baby sit infant squirrels for a few days when the rehabbers go from town. You might volunteer to help the rehabbers with their squirrels.

As soon as you’re ready to have your own baby squirrels, you will have to spend some money on supplies. It is not real expensive, but especially the first time, you need to stock up on formula, syringes, nipples, cages and so forth.

So, you’ve learned that baby squirrels make great pets, and adult squirrels do not. You have also learned that, if you do it right, you’ll never have to purchase a baby squirrel.

Keep snakes out of your yard

Most people don’t want snakes to be in their yard or garden. There are a few things which may be done to manage snakes so that you don’t have to have them around.

Black Yellow Snake on Green Grass

First thing you should realistically consider is a rodent pest problem in your garden. Snakes will stick around if there is loads of food to consume. If you take care of the potential rodent problem, snakes can move on naturally as there isn’t going to be a food supply to eat.

The next thing which you will have to do is to eliminate areas for the snakes in your yard to live in. Many snakes like regions with a few inches of grass so that they can hide in them making it effortless to hide and look for their prey. Eliminate large piles of wood and sticks in the area. If you store these in the yard, keep it off the ground. Eliminate stones and other things that a snake might have the ability to hide under getting from the sun. Make certain to carefully store yard toys and other things so snakes will not find shelter underneath them.

One very simple way to manage snakes is to use cat litter. This can enter skin and cause them quite a bit of discomfort. Sulfur is another frequent repellent but it can cause some problems with the quality of your soil making your plants not grow too. Call Titusville Squirrel Removal for help!

Home buying

Realty House Sell Agent Business Logo BusiWhen people put their house on the marketplace, they want to sell it. Nobody wants to wait around for months as they hope that a purchaser can pay what they believe their home is worth. Nobody wants to go through the process of showing their home to multiple buyers, only to discover that none of them want to purchase the house.

This is a nightmare, but when homeowners follow these tips, they can enjoy their home being sold faster than ever.

Curb appeal is among the most important things when it comes to selling a house. As soon as prospective buyers pull up to the house, they will look at the exterior of the house, so it’s important that it looks fine.

First, walk out to the curb to check out the house from Fort Lauderdale FL Raccoon Removal someone else’s point of view. Fix parts of the roof which may be seen, and be sure to pressure wash the roof for a nice, newer look. Clean out the gutters, and plant a few flowers.

If the paint needs touched up, hire a few residential painters that may make the home look new again. Residential painters can paint the entire house, or residential painters can simply get rid of peeling paint and touch up the areas that need it the most.

If a prospective client understands that the water heater is old, and it’s old, don’t attempt to lie and tell them it’s newer. This will make clients wonder what else is wrong with the house that homeowners are not being honest about.

Instead, be as fair as possible. Tell them that the water heater is old, and that the cost of the new water heater has already been taken in the price being asked for your home.

When folks want to buy a house, they are not just going to examine the outside of the home. A nice, fresh coat of paint can make a home look modern and cared for. Work with the same residential painters that did the exterior of the home to touch up the interior walls.

If hallways look dirty from children running their hands along the walls, residential painters can make them look new again. The same thing applies to other areas of the house. Some homeowners employ residential painters merely to paint the high traffic areas until they put their house on the market.

Personalize the excursion

When a homeowner shows a possible client their home, they usually high light the key areas, like a big kitchen or a nice, bay window. This is a good idea, but there are a number of customers that will not care about a huge kitchen because they have a small family. There are others that won’t care about a bay window.

Instead of simply talking up the essential areas, ask potential buyers what they are looking for in a house. If they mention a big bedroom but the bedrooms are small, tell them the bedrooms are somewhat small, and then add a fantastic thing. For example, say that there is additional storage in the living room closet. The key to selling a home is to be honest, and try to assist buyers figure out whether the house is ideal for them. Once homeowners concentrate on the buyer’s and what they want when they show the house, they will notice that buyers are more interested in the home. This is because everyone wants to purchase something out of an honest person, whether it is a car, house or a cat litter box.

The customer is always right?

I know, I know … the customer is always right … or at least ought to be treated as though they’re always perfect. But, when and where do you draw the line?

The question comes up after talking to a frontline sales person, Ted. A few days before, he had difficulty with a customer. The customer was being vague and Ted simply asked for clarification. From then on the client was rude and kept sniping at Ted. She even had a telephone call on her mobile phone and proceeded to talk about Ted and how “rude” HE was to the caller. Then when Ted had to interrupt her conversation for payment, he was even worse than rude, based on her. When he asked the client to sign her credit card, a company requirement, he became a “jerk” and an “a_____e.” Ted says, “I do not know what her problem was, but I surely didn’t like being called names. I couldn’t think of anything I could do to make the situation better. I felt so helpless.”

There are two elements of this scenario. First of all, cellular phones: what exactly are sales and support personnel doing about cellular phone calls? I was buying stamps the other day in the post office and the individual directly in front of me was carrying on a conversation while the clerk behind the counter was trying to help her with a purchase.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department has signs posted at its information desk stating: “Please, turn off your cell phone so we may better serve you.” I asked a clerk about the need for the sign and she said, “People were just driving us crazy.” When people are on the telephone they seem to be in their own little world. “It was not just people at the counter on the phone that was the issue. The phones also cause a rise in general sound making it increasingly difficult to carry on meaningful conversations in the counter.”

Let us hang-up on mobile phones for awhile and go back to rude customers. Personally, I think What does Possum Poop Look Like once a client moves into violent behaviour, they no longer deserve support. I really don’t like to be called names (even when it is told to a third party and not directly done like with Ted) and I wouldn’t subject any employee to this treatment, either.

I do think Ted handled the situation nicely. He kept his cool and obtained through the trade. His next step should be to discuss the situation with his supervisor and allow the supervisor draw the line and provide alternatives in dealing with rude customers.

For rude cell phone users, I really like the easy touch of the sign. The sign says it all. It’s polite with a, “please.” It tells the customer that we do want to serve them. It is non-threatening … and it draws the line … somebody has to.

Angry Man Point Finger India Angry Male Ha

I work out

1. Chuck those fashion magazines away

Nobody is made from the exact same mold – everybody’s physique and genes differ. Whatever body features you have, embrace them and be proud of them. Quit reading magazines where every model has photoshopped pictures and have unrealistic beauty standards. Grab yourself some health related magazines or books to keep reading to know how you can make better health decisions.


Sport Fitness Training Sporty Movement Gym2. It’s always great to have a workout partner with you if it is a friend, spouse, family member etc.. Having a workout partner is a good idea because it is possible to pump each other up and keep motivated if one of you does not feel like exercising.

3. Load your iPod with motivational songs and lectures

Make a separate playlist of inspirational and inspiring songs that would pump up you for an great workout.


It is always best to build a good relationship with Palm Bay FL Raccoon Removal and your trainer. Your coach will push you harder and motivate you to finish that last rep of a 30kg bench press. There are many people who go to the gym and never bother to even have a conversation with their coaches and only do half hearted workouts and leave. You will be twice as likely to stay motivated in the gym knowing that there’s someone watching over your exercises.

5. Workout as soon as Possible

Head to the gym straight from work instead of going home because once you’re home you may feel lethargic and will not feel like going to the gym. Most companies have their own gym, so take complete advantage of that as well.

6. Set an alarm

Specify a workout alarm and reminder on your phone so you don’t have any explanations for “forgetting” to workout.


Gyms aren’t for everyone and that is OK because there are different alternatives which you can take like yoga, Zumba or swimming etc.. Every one is body toning activities and you wind up feeling fuller after doing them.

Bonus tip:

It’s a given that with a healthy diet goes hand in hand with a busy lifestyle but every now and then in the event you miss a day of a workout or eat something unhealthy, do not let it make you feel guilty and give up. Everybody slips up, you just have to be persistent. And who said, a few cheat foods here and there are not permitted?

Do you need surgery?

Naked Woman Laying in BedHow do you know if you will need a breast lift, a breast reduction or breast enlargement to correct sagging to create your breasts more young looking? Questions and answers about breast lift surgery remains popular search parameters on my site. Additionally it is a top concern for individual consultations in my practice. Breast surgery is consistently in the Top 5 procedures for women requesting cosmetic surgery according to The American Society of Cosmetic Dentistry. There are specific procedures that are more successful in addressing these physical findings. Let us start with the “pencil test” because it’s a simple and a noticeable way to tell if breast lift surgery may be of help to correct this condition. The pencil test helps to identify true sagging. Place a pencil under your breast in which it’s attached to your chest and if your nipple hangs below the pencil when you sit or stand, then you might consider a breast lift.
True sagging or drooping of a woman’s nipples can Rodent Control Palm Bay FL occur after pregnancy or as a result of any dramatic weight gain/loss. True sagging refers to the location of the nipple position under the crease beneath your breast. I don’t recommend breast lift surgery if nipples are over the crease or in the level of the crease. Breast enlargement is usually sufficient to correct the sagging breast contour in most cases, where the nipples are above the crease. The natural position is roughly one half to three-quarters of an inch above the crease. Positioning the nipples any greater than this could lead to an odd breast look. The size of the areola may also be lowered during the procedure if desired by the individual.
Breast enlargement or breast reduction can be considered to modify the size, shape and contour of the breasts, when a breast lift would not be indicated to achieve the desired improvement. As with all breast surgery, size is a personal choice and all options should be discussed during your consultation with your surgeon. Breast surgery is frequently part of the combined procedures commonly referred to Mommy Makeovers, along with abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Mommy Makeovers are intended to address undesired physical changes that may persist following pregnancy.

Save money on a Stay-Cation

We’re thinking pina coladas, party and an exotic shore! It will require preparation, setting a budget, making some important calls, packaging and reservations! Lots of travelling and bags. If you’re someone who is running low on cash or is saving up for an apartment in a better neighborhood than just about you bring the party house? How about a “stay-cation”? All that money that you will save, all that packing that you wouldn’t need to bother with, never having to sit on those cramped airplane seats and specially waiting endless hours on the airport along with your flight gets delayed. If you play your cards right you may plan a Melbourne FL Raccoon Removal remarkable vacation right from the comfort of your home! Below are some ideas that can allow you to plan a amazing staycation. One of the exciting elements of a vacation is getting to experience a new culture and all the cuisines and drinks it brings along. Thanks to YouTube, we can search for any and each recipe under sunlight and learn how to make it right at home. You may organize a party in your backyard and instead of the traditional Bar B Q you can spice up the food with the addition of some new entrees and main course items in your menu. The guests will be thrilled and you get to save enormous amounts of cash! Similarly instead of serving the typical margaritas and lemonade you can function bull side and shooter car to your guests.
Kid's Plating Water on Grass Field during Daytime2) Outdoor Activities – Staycation does not necessarily mean staying at home all day long. You can plan outdoor activities that you have missing on for a long time period. What about that cliff diving trip you always wanted to go on but couldn’t due to work and evening MBA classes? Now is your chance, sign up for one or catch a ride with friends and family. Remember to get that free How-to lesson as soon as you reach there and ensure all the safety pre requisites before you make a splash!
3) Neighborhood Festival – If you’re a foodie who enjoys a dish with an exotic taste palette then how about the local food festival that is organized every summer season? Teachers with exceptional culinary skills wind up here in a food truck bringing you tastes from around the world! Plan a trip with family or go with your friends, we are positive you won’t be able to have enough!