80s Costumes

Why do all of us want scary for Halloween well I guess it’s the time for witches so we must go with the nasty scary outfits. But it’s All Saints night not all baddies night or is it.

Modern Traditional Halloween is all about childish pranks, Iguana Removal Costs,  and also the best way to prevent this type of prank being played on you is to provide goodies to the children knocking at your door, all great fun and no harm done.

However, in fact Halloween is born from an old Celtic Festival that celebrated the end of summer, the ending of the times of light as we then entered winter the days of Darkness. The belief was that now with plants dying and trees shedding their leaves which we were in a time of danger once the veil between life and death was very week and the dead could rise again. Bonfires were set so that if you passed between them your spirit would be protected in the dead trying to grow again.

The wearing of masks was to placate the evil spirits and mirror them and thereby protect you from them as was the carving of Turnips, now Americanised to Pumpkins with a smiley face to appease the evil spirits set free with this 1 day, actually it was two days back in the afternoon.

The 80s saw the beginning of what we now refer to as slasher films with Friday the 13th and Halloween starting out on their long trip of sequels. But in addition, it saw the traditional Vampire film The Lost Boys that in certain ways allowed us to observe Vampires as the people they were, Boys who Lost their Souls, The Lost Boys is a complete classic.

To dress as a vampire might appear ridiculously simple and so many do not, but what’s a better way to celebrate the day once the dead could rise again and catch your own body than to be the greatest Un-dead a Vampire.

The TV and films are filled with vampires in all sizes and shapes and thus you can be contemporary whilst historical precisely what Halloween is all about.

Not averse to a 70s Fancy Dress also.

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