80s Costumes

Why do all of us want scary for Halloween well I guess it’s the time for witches so we must go with the nasty scary outfits. But it’s All Saints night not all baddies night or is it.

Modern Traditional Halloween is all about childish pranks, Iguana Removal Costs,  and also the best way to prevent this type of prank being played on you is to provide goodies to the children knocking at your door, all great fun and no harm done.

However, in fact Halloween is born from an old Celtic Festival that celebrated the end of summer, the ending of the times of light as we then entered winter the days of Darkness. The belief was that now with plants dying and trees shedding their leaves which we were in a time of danger once the veil between life and death was very week and the dead could rise again. Bonfires were set so that if you passed between them your spirit would be protected in the dead trying to grow again.

The wearing of masks was to placate the evil spirits and mirror them and thereby protect you from them as was the carving of Turnips, now Americanised to Pumpkins with a smiley face to appease the evil spirits set free with this 1 day, actually it was two days back in the afternoon.

The 80s saw the beginning of what we now refer to as slasher films with Friday the 13th and Halloween starting out on their long trip of sequels. But in addition, it saw the traditional Vampire film The Lost Boys that in certain ways allowed us to observe Vampires as the people they were, Boys who Lost their Souls, The Lost Boys is a complete classic.

To dress as a vampire might appear ridiculously simple and so many do not, but what’s a better way to celebrate the day once the dead could rise again and catch your own body than to be the greatest Un-dead a Vampire.

The TV and films are filled with vampires in all sizes and shapes and thus you can be contemporary whilst historical precisely what Halloween is all about.

Not averse to a 70s Fancy Dress also.

Where It All Began

From time to time, we see so many horror films come and go. Spooky, haunted houses, serial killers, slashers, maniacs, mentals, satanic and lots of others are pictured in the film. A good deal of sub genres, a great deal of remakes, plenty of variations, twist and all that can easily be found through the ages. Yeah, it is all true. But have we ever thought where it came from?
Or how can the horror films genre change from time to time?

If you share the same passion about horror films, and wish to understand Raccoon Removal West Palm Beach FL or the road which were travelled by Horror films, let me have the honour to be your guide.

The year was 1922, set: German. I can say it was the arrival of horror films. W Murnau began the terror and dread through Nosferatu, nosferatuthe
Narrative about bloodsucking vampire. It was not the first vampire film, as in 1896 Georges Melies made Le Castle Du Diable, but Nosferatu was the first film where we watched vampire destroyed by sunlight. This one boasted outstanding animalistic makeup which hasn’t been replicated, in spite of modern
technology. Dozens of vampire films followed then. In 1931 Universal Studio found 2 legendary horror films, Dracula with Bela Lugosi and Frankenstein with Boris Karloff. Both of the film became a classic and very profitable. Boris Karloff even became a legendary name in horror films history. In 1935, the sequel of Frankenstein,
The Bride Of Frankenstein was made.This is not silent anymore.


Throughout 40’s the world’s on warfare, and it’s altered the genre. Horror was nearly forgotten as patriotic war and movies has taken the area. It gradually raised again around 50’s, where humor and musical movies ruled. There were good ones happened at this moment, House of Wax is one of the case. Too bad, this is the only horror film by Hitchcock, cuz then he left plenty of suspence thriller goodies such as Rear Window, Vertigo,North by Northwest,Dial M For Murder that kinda changed the genre. And bear in mind, spaghetti western Films from the late 60’s also had its second.

This is the most creative year of Horror movies.Unlike before, horror films got enormous exploration, where a lot of variant of narrative and evil came in. Note there were plenty of controversy and protest occurred here.The Exorcist (1973) for example showed disgusting scenes which never been imagined before, such as the green puke into the face changed to evil. This picture was controversial when Catholic Church protested the demon cast-out from the film was contrary to the code of conduct. The shining, that according to Stephen King’s book was among the best one during 70’s. Later on from this decade to 80s and 90s, plenty of movies was made dependent on his scary book such as Carrie, Christine, Cujo, It, , Cat’s Eye, Dream Catcher, would be the case. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) was a low budget film that reached a terrific outcome. This one introduced “the slasher film” into the world that afterwards followed by Halloween (say hi to Michael Myers) , Friday the 13th, Scream from the 80’s and 90’s and so on. Omen is a bonechillin’ film that can still give
Amityville Horror, based on the real story was the first film that happened in the actual site. The report said lots of bizarre and dreadful things were experienced by crew and cast in place.

This is the decade of insanity. Cutted off body parts were seen anywhere. Nightmare on Elm Street that started Freddy Krueger to horror hall of fame, and Jason Voorheyes slashing matches in Friday the 13th are among the example. These two had a number of the sequels during 80s, together with 3 of Halloweens. And recall how Italian horror movies which have a very sick super damn vision? Count Romero and Argento for this class. In addition, this is the age where horror expanded to television.

There is a trend of self defense and self actualization by terror character on terror they’ve made to people.
Scream began a new genre, teen horror films, slashing-serial-killer-who-did-it,which shortly followed I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend, and more. A note in 1999, an independent movie Blair Witch Project became a huge phenomena,with a documentation technique to provide us dread,stressed and mental disturbance. This one inspired some other films like St.Francisville Experiment, The Lamarie Project and
television series Freaky Links.


Still too early possibly to discuss horror films in 2000s, but seems like Hollywood has running out of ideas. They are attempting to widen their opinion to see new ideas outside that may provide new vision on the period of horror. The Ring, remake from Japanese film was their initial success. Followed by The eye, and several other remakes from Asian cinemas.

This decade appears being led by Japan and Korea, by making so many horror films with lack of consequences or gory blood but nevertheless successfully tortured our sense. They do not go with the Hollywood pattern, they simply dig everything else that has not been touched yet. Thailand is emerging as a fantastic horror maker. Indonesian films too, with amusing number of horror films each year. We also indicate the decade 2000 for its decade of sequels and remakes also, such as Halloween H2O, Freddy vs Jason, contemporary version of Bram Stocker’s Dracula, Dracula 2001,
While the attempt to unite some genres and create something new has been going on.

My prediction? I believe this decade will continue to do so. Hopefully within the next decade we’ll see some new strategy, style and way to present horror films. Let us wait and see where the horror films continue their path.