Squirrels as pets

Where can I buy a squirrel?” This report will explain how you can receive all the cuddly squirrels you need for free.

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First, before you jump in to getting your own squirrel, it’s important to learn some basic facts.

Baby squirrels are unusually willing to be raised by humans. It’s remarkable. For the first six months of their life, if you give them good care and love, they will happily accept you as their mama. They are enthusiastic fun loving little creatures, and you may experience many hours of joy with young squirrels.

As the babies come to maturity, the situation changes. Adult squirrels are like adult humans. They wish to go off in to the world, live the life a million years of evolution have designed them to reside, enjoy their freedom, and participate in, um, baby making activities.

If an adult is refused the life they were designed to live, they become less cuddly, anxious, and maybe even a little ornery. All the energy they would normally utilize in a pure life outdoors today gets applied to chewing on your furniture, electric cords, and maybe your fingers. Adult squirrels can’t be house trained .

The purpose is, baby squirrels make excellent pets, but mature squirrels do not.

So, the wise way to have squirrels as pets would be to get a series of baby squirrels that you keep a few months each, rather than one squirrel you keep for years.

You release the babies in to the wild when they are ready, before they become a problem for you. They’re happy, you’re happy, everyone wins.

You’ll be surprised at how much your squirrels love their initial experiences with the natural world.

And here’s some fantastic news. You don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on purchasing a series of baby squirrels.

You can get them for free!

If you live in an area where squirrels are found in the wild (almost everywhere), it’s a sure thing that you will find infant squirrels nearby who need your help.

Somebody in your community has likely already discovered the joy of raising baby squirrels. There may even be a wildlife rehabilitation group.

All you’ve got to do is locate these rehabbers.

Contact your local humane society. Try the pound. Call some veterinarians. Tree trimming businesses orĀ Titusville Opossum Removal in your area also likely know who is rehabbing squirrels in your area.

When you locate the rehabbers, do not offer to buy a squirrel. That won’t be what they will want to hear. Instead, volunteer to help, and ask for their advice.

To maximize your chance of being welcomed by the regional rehabbers, do some research first, and learn something about increasing squirrels.

If you take this approach, you’ll find the huge majority of wildlife rehabbers will welcome you with open arms, and help you have the experience you need to have.

You don’t have to dive in to raising baby squirrels until you’re ready. For instance, you may volunteer to baby sit infant squirrels for a few days when the rehabbers go from town. You might volunteer to help the rehabbers with their squirrels.

As soon as you’re ready to have your own baby squirrels, you will have to spend some money on supplies. It is not real expensive, but especially the first time, you need to stock up on formula, syringes, nipples, cages and so forth.

So, you’ve learned that baby squirrels make great pets, and adult squirrels do not. You have also learned that, if you do it right, you’ll never have to purchase a baby squirrel.

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