What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

As high school students (and faculty) many people grab our boredom by exploring the unknown, Animals in the Attic Brevard, or the haunted. Because it is illegal and cops flock to the grounds of several of the abandoned websites we research, I will not endorse the thought of ghost hunting. But for all you thrill seekers that are less than satisfied with ordinary Halloween rituals, let it be understood that New York and New Jersey are prime turf for hauntings and abandoned buildings. Being to Kings Park in New York and the Purgatory House at New Jersey (both of which are occupied with a great deal of Police), I have to say both are rather creepy particularly Kings Park. If you do not believe in the paranormal, after visiting Kings Park I promise you will (but you can get in trouble for trespassing). Anyhow, if you must take a look at this website of New York “Haunted Places”- do not worry there are not any hay rides or industrial places on there.

For the rest of you who do not wish to invest mischief night at the back of a cop car and alas the real reason I was supposed to write this guide, a top ten scary movies list. I was really into horror films, but if you do not agree with my choices please do not send hate mail. In an effort to please everybody, I made myself sick (occasionally) from watching a number of movies so this list would take both terrific horror films and classically disturbing films also. In any event, good luck falling asleep. Enjoy!

I was forced to see this film (by my Mother) at the mature age of 13. In a nutshell, do not buy drugs from strangers or you may end up in a ditch somewhere.

“IT” (1990): even though the clown doll in Poltergeist was frightful, IT brings the favorite clown-phobia to surface in most of us. It’s a little outdated and might not frighten the crap out of you but it left its mark on me.

“Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” (1986): According to Henry Lee Lucas the serial killer, this film is all but unbearable since it’s based on a true story. Maybe I am a coward but if I were you I would not watch it alone.

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2003): I was thrown off by this movie. With Seventh Heaven (the obnoxiously over-acted series) star Jessica Biel I anticipated the acting to be awful to fair but was pleasantly surprised (and fearful).

“Cannibal Holocaust” (1980): More creepy and demented than frightening, this film might just make you ill. Sadism, masochism and bestiality are just the bare bones of what actually happens in this film.

“Suspiria” (1977): One of the better horror films I’ve ever seen in terms of narrative and creativity. I’m usually not a fan of any film made pre-1980 but you can depend on this picture to scare the crap out of you without boring you to death.

“Blue Velvet” (1986): Well it is no secret that David Lynch is effed up in the mind and Blue Velvet certainly proves that concept to be more than remark but a universal reality. It’s ideal to be open-minded when viewing this movie as it’s surely different from most other movies you’ll ever see. Disturbing and awkward, yes but different also.

“The Hills Have Eyes” (2006): I needed to incorporate this picture on the list. I hated it more than any other picture I had seen and really shut it off a couple of times. This film takes no prisoners as well as the heroes are improbable. Creepy, disgusting, violent and excruciating (if you are into that sort of thing).

I felt it deserved a place on the list due to the uproar it caused; being prohibited in 46 nations.

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